What is a Southern Dandy?  That’s a great question! Let me tell you, the internet is not very helpful in answering that question succinctly.  So, in as few words as possible: a Southern Dandy is a sort of Southern Gentleman.  We strive for the finer things in life.  We like a little luxe, mixed with a little rough.  We like tradition & a little formality, but we don’t stand on it.  We like modern & eclectic, but not too much that it becomes too sterile or quirky.  You know what I’m talking about.  Those homes where you’re like, “Oh! a Mid-Century Modern bedpan as a magazine holder! How quirky!”.  No ma’am.

Southern Dandy was born of this idea: that there are many fantastic blogs out there about life in New York or L.A., but we wanted to see Atlanta truly represented.  And I don’t mean those enormous houses in Buckhead or Brookhaven that are designed & decorated with what seems to be unlimited budgets.  So, we have decided to share our journey with the anyone that wants to tag along.  We bought a small 1940s house in SW Atlanta a few years ago.  It’s not big and fancy.  If you’re looking for a Southern McMansion, you’re definitely on the wrong site.  It’s less than 1,000 square feet. For 2 guys.  And 4 pets. It’s ambitious, fun, challenging and, as my better half likes to point out, maddening at times.

Check in with us from time to time.  I’ll share my caviar dreams on pimento cheese budget with you.  Because, this house WILL be fabulous if it kills me (him)!

Meet The Cast of Southern Dandy.