Around New Years, my partner, grumbling about my day-dreams & laundry lists of projects that I’d theoretically like to do around the house, proclaimed, “I don’t think you could drive me any crazier!”.

Taking that as a personal challenge, I decided to repaint the majority of the house this year, inside & out. If he thought that my inability to make a decision about how to properly arrange the living room furniture or obsessively shopping for lamps was bad, wait until he had to deal with the entire spectrum that is the paint dept. of our local home improvement store. My vision was clear: a pallet of black & white with pops of orange & red throughout the main part of our little house’s interior; a dark, moody grey on the exterior. It was clean, simple & modern and would be fabulous.

We both soon discovered that there are a myriad of shades of white, none of which are created equal. Some are cold, others are warm; some have yellow undertones, others have grey or brown. You get the point. It’s a nightmare. This is where I started:

All of these are white

All of these are white, according to Sherwin Williams & Behr. It was enough to make my head explode.

After multiple trips & collecting more samples than I can count, I found the right shade (I thought) & painted small sample areas on different walls to test how the light affects the color. That took no less than 45 days. I lived with streaks of white paint around the house for a week (I’m not one to rush into anything) only to decide that it wasn’t the right one. It was TOO white. It was bad 24 hour medical clinic white. I had flashbacks to office visits as a kid when I was sick and at one point actually thought that I might come home to a living room full of sick people with sketchy insurance. No ma’am.

So, it was back to the drawing board and, this time, I roped the salesman at my local Sherwin Williams into my paint-induced drama. I picked up a color chart which proved immeasurably helpful & landed on these:


The Final 3


My first instinct was to buy samples of at least three, come home, paint more sample areas, live with them & see how it panned out. After much groaning, my better half drew a line in the proverbial sand & forced me to choose one right then & there. I thought I would throw up. How in the world do you do that?! You have no idea what it will look like with the light in your home or with your gorgeous little things!

In a moment of blind faith, I chose this one: Pure White matte for the walls & gloss for all of the trim. Clean, simple, modern. That’s my mantra, right?

The Winner

Now, we just need to paint 2 rooms & a small hallway, including trim & doors & strip God only knows how many layers of paint off of the original 1940s hardware. And he thought I drove him crazy then…