I think we can all agree that life is complicated. Between responsibilities at work, with family & friends, keeping up your home…the list goes on & on…it’s taxing to stop & appreciate the beauty in the everyday.

For several months I’ve challenged myself to stay in the moment, whatever that moment be, and appreciate as many of the details as possible. Hence, my social media feeds filled with photos of my furry babies, something I cooked, or something that caught my eye as beautiful or interesting. As I type this, i can hear the sarcastic comments like, “How will I know what you had for dinner if you don’t take pictures?” or “Oh, another obligatory kitten picture!”.  Y’all all know that there is nothing better to a Southern Dandy than a fantastic meal shared with others or adorable pet photography.  And let’s face it, my 70 pound lap dogs are as adorable as they come.  They are also ferociously protective.  Think you’re gonna roll up on this house unannounced? No ma’am, it won’t happen.  God forbid a squirrel run across the front lawn without me knowing about it.  I digress…

The past two weeks have really challenged me. There seemed to be very little time for beautiful details with a busy work schedule, errands (I need an assistant), the gym (the assistant would be really handy here as a stand-in) & home improvement projects. I did, after all, bite off this whole painting project with the expectation that it would be completed in two days. What was I thinking?! This isn’t Trading Spaces; I don’t have a crew of six to handle the labor while I live with my head in the clouds (but oh my God that sounds amazing!). How fantastic would my life be if I had a team of workers at my beck & call, ready to bring any idea I have to life?  I could take over the world!!  I’m looking at you, Oprah.

My point is: enjoy the details folks. They are easily overlooked but they are quite beautiful. Like these orchids that are in the disaster area that is currently our living room. I’ve walked past them countless times in the past week & today just noticed that they opened up.

Orchid 1

How gorgeous is this? One of my Valentine’s gifts to Randy….


Orchid 2

Or this one that I was given for my Annual 29th birthday…


Orchid 3

There is beauty even in the promise of an unopened bud.

Stop and smell the orchids.  Pet your dog.  Cook a meal.  Fill your Instagram feed with kitten pictures.  Or, be like me and repaint a house.  Regardless of which one you choose, people will think you’re a little off (they may be right) but you’ll be happier for it.  I know I am.

Here are a few other things that made me smile today…

living room

Randy hard at work



The slaw salad with almonds & golden raisins that I made for lunch



Eddie Cat playing in the study



The way Pats will pose for a photo



And after a long & busy day, the way Nora & Penny will curl up on the bed as I share my inane ramblings with the world.