Hello Dandies!

One thing that taking on home improvement projects has quickly taught me is that for folks like me, the Meyers Briggs ENFP types, this is hard work. Really, really hard work. In general, I’m the big-picture guy. I’m the one that likes to think in concepts, likes to tell you what I want something to look like, what the mood should be…not the one getting his hands dirty. This project started simply: we needed to repaint the house. I’m sure you’ve all been glued to my previous posts & are incredibly familiar with the drama that is selecting the correct shade of white. I’m sorry for all of your sleepless nights.

Moments of inspiration hit like bolts of lightning. Out of nowhere I decide that I MUST remove all of the paint from the door hardware. And by I, I mean Randy. Is removing it from the knobs enough? No ma’am. So, we remove the knobs, the hinges, the thingy that the other thingy fits into so that the door closes properly. You know what I mean. At Midtown Home Depot, I ask the incredibly friendly Paint Dept. clerk which product to use. The eco-friendly side of me wanted to use the natural plant-based product. The other part of me wanted to get this over as quickly as possible, so I took his advice. All of those pieces are getting soaked in a toxic chemical stripper as we speak. Luckily, I do not want to father children. This stuff was so toxic that it ate through the protective gloves. Through GLOVES, people! Not to worry, Randy was wearing them at the time. After all, you have to protect your home manicure.

In the meantime, we finished the walls, crown & baseboards. Our Nate Berkus curtains have been rehung, TV mounted, mirrors are up & furniture rearranged. So, I persevere. Once the hardware has been stripped,doors painted & the coffee table restained a dark ebony (it’s sanded; we’re halfway there), the living room will be done. For now. It will be an incredible feeling.

Here are some photos of our work thus far…

sofa 2

The Mitchell Gold sofa that we love so much…

deco detail

The frame of this mirror echoes the 40s trim, one of the things we love the most about this house

bar closeup

Give me a can of spray paint & I will make miracles happen

side chair

The folding dining table in the background, one of the best Craigslist finds ever


The girls don’t like to pose but they love to photobomb the hell out of you


What normally goes on is a bunch of fussing & play-fighting

the room

And as I am literally lying on the floor trying to coax my obstinate kids into cooperating for just ONE pic, I find a great view to share